Brand Guidelines

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This guide has been created so that the David Reid Homes brand is displayed consistently throughout all mediums and materials. It explains the various parts of the brand, how it’s expressed, and how the creative elements fit together. Please follow this guide when commissioning, designing or delivering any kind of design executions.


David Reid Homes How to use our Logo

How to use our Logo

The logo is the centre piece of our brand. The following guides must be followed to ensure consistent application.

Logo Guidelines
David Reid Homes Logo Downloads

Logo Downloads

If you require our logo, please email


David Reid Homes Primary Colours

Primary Colours

Black and white are to be used predominantly throughout the brand.

Colour Guidelines
David Reid Homes Secondary Colours

Secondary Colours

To provide versatility, secondary colours can be used. These are mainly to exist digitally or in special print contexts.


David Reid Homes

Signage is a key external messaging platform for the brand and should reflect the quality of the builds that David Reid Homes produce.

Signage Guidelines


David Reid Homes

Our branded collateral is how our customers and staff engage with our brand in person, therefore, quality and attention to detail is essential. To order merchandise for your franchise, visit our portal.

Merchandise Guidelines