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30 things we’ve learned in 30 years of David Reid Homes

  • We’re excited to be celebrating our 30th year of David Reid Homes! A lot has changed over 30 years. There’s some trends we’ve been glad to see the back of (goodbye mustard carpets) and others that have persevered. What started as a small business has grown to 18 locations across the country, hundreds of homes built for kiwi’s and thousands of happy customers. Of course, building that many homes doesn’t come without a few lessons along the way. Here are 30 things we’ve learned in 30 years of David Reid Homes.


    • You can NEVER have too many plugs in your home.
    • If you’ve skimped on insulation you may as well leave a window open all winter.
    • Bench space in a kitchen is prime real estate. Plan for as much bench space as you can squeeze in!
    • Wet concrete attracts cats like bees to honey (we’ve poured many a slab and found paw prints later).
    • If you’re looking for a way to a tradies heart, make him a good cuppa.
    • Hiring a skip for rubbish attracts every man and his dog in the neighbourhood. It’s amazing what you find in the skip if you turn your back for a minute!
    • A good architect is worth their weight in gold.
    • Measure twice, cut once.
    • Having a home office isn’t a luxury, it’s a must.
    • Nothing feels better than handing the keys over to a happy client.
    • Tradies pretend they’re tough, but they love it when Taylor Swift comes on the site radio as much as the next person.
    • Clients that have a clear vision get the best results.
    • Some things never go out of style: hardwood floors, white walls and stainless steel taps.
    • Sometimes delays happen. It’s unavoidable but it never feels any less frustrating for us and our clients!
    • Natural light is so important in how a finished home feels. Skylights are your best friend in low-light areas.
    • Kiwis love low-maintenance living and are more and more interested in small gardens and easy-care surfaces.
    • Your “forever home” can come at any point in your life.
    • Think you’ve planned enough storage? Add more. Great. Now add some more.
    • There are thousands of shades of white paint and choosing the right white for your home is a BIG decision.
    • It doesn’t really matter what the home trends are when you build, the important thing is you stay true to your personal taste.
    • If you do that, your home will never date in your eyes!
    • Sometimes you get what you pay for. Investing in good quality durable materials gives you a much better long-term result.
    • Getting consent can be a long and arduous process. We’ve learned the tips and tricks to speed things up.
    • If everything’s going great, the weather will choose that moment to turn on you.
    • Builders actually CAN have an eye for design too. Our team care about the aesthetics as well as the practical side of building.
    • If you’ve got the option to add a separate powder room as well as your family bathroom, that’s definitely a good choice.
    • When you design your forever home, it pays to think about how you’ll age in that home and plan for that. Ensuring there’s good access to your home and any upper floors could be a godsend later.
    • Driving past previous projects and telling whoever’s in the car “I built that house” never gets old.
    • Safety equipment like eye protection, helmets, good boots and gloves don’t just make for a stylish outfit. They’ve saved us from trips to the emergency room many times over the years!
    • A home isn’t really a home until you’ve put up some family photos.
    • You know a David Reid home when you see one. Our standards are high and our workmanship is impeccable.

    There you have it! 30 things we’ve learned from 30 years of David Reid Homes. We want to thank every single person who has put their trust in us over the years and allowed us to fulfil our own dreams while building yours. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years will bring!

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