When building a new home in New Zealand, you need to deal with a builder that understands the uniqueness of our beautiful terrain, stunning scenery and of course our climate.

To help you to become as informed as possible about your journey, and of course to keep up with the latest in our network and the building industry, we’ve developed a quiet place for you to enjoy perusing articles we’ve published. These touch on the latest in design advice, innovation and inspiration, building tips and advice, and of course some case studies which we hope will get you excited about your home building journey with David Reid Homes… so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy!

  1. Building Better Homes with David Reid Homes Wanaka

    Chris Leith explains how himself and his team at David Reid Homes Wanaka understand that quality is more important than quantity. Building better homes means factoring in the longterm life of the build, ensuring that your custom design is built smarter, with experience and high quality resources.
  2. Client Driven Design with Chris Leith

    Chris Leith of David Reid Homes Wanaka explains how each custom build design is always focused on creating the unique home that is tailored for you, led by you. By providing the support and experience needed to bring your dream build to life, Chris and his team will quide you through the build process while you focus on the design choices that make your new home your own.
  3. Value Engineering with Carl Fordyce

    Here at David Reid Homes, we understand that you want to maximise value when creating your dream home. Carl Fordyce from David Reid Homes Canterbury explains how himself and his team value engineer from the beginning to guide you through the build process, ensuring your budget is maximised.
  4. Hill Builds with David Reid Homes Canterbury

    Carl Fordyce and his experienced team at David Reid Homes Canterbury understand the extra experience and knowledge required to build a high quality, safe custom home on uneven, elevated land.
  5. Building to Budget with David Reid Homes Canterbury

    Aaron Hooper from David Reid Homes Canterbury understands that when building your custom home, building to budget can be one of a clients main concerns about the process. Pre construction planning ensures that you are guided through the entire build process with integrity and understanding of your budget while producing outstanding results.
  6. Square Metre Rates Explained with David Reid Homes

    Many factors make up the final square metre rate for a custom build home. We asked our Southland, Waitaki and Dunedin franchise owners what can influence square meter rates, and what exactly goes into that unique final figure.
  7. The Importance of Insulation with Richard Copland

    Richard Copland from David Reid Homes Dunedin explains the importance of insulation when building your custom home, and how your choice of insulation placement can increase your return on investment.
  8. Home Build Trends with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    David Reid Homes franchise owner Fraser Mackenzie talks about build and design trends, and how his experience has taught him how to spot the innovation, and where to choose tradition over trend.
  9. The Myth of a Custom Home Build with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    Fraser Mackenzie from David Reid Homes Queenstown debunks the myth that custom build homes are more expensive. The difference, he explains, is the time and experience that David Reid Homes brings to the table that makes your custom build a higher quality, more long term and sustainable home that is tailored for you.
  10. Keeping On Budget with David Reid Homes Queenstown

    Fraser Mackenzie from David Reid Homes Queenstown explains the different factors that contribute to the budget of a custom build home. Communication is key, and by having the conversation about budget early on, the team can work together with you to create the custom build of your design.
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