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Design and Build Trends for 2022 | David Reid Homes

  • As we begin 2022 it is exciting to look forward to what the future will hold, and how we can expect it to shape our views on build trends and design styles. Looking at what has shown popularity in recent years, and to trends in fashion and interior design alike, we have put together our top picks for the build and design trends of 2022.

    In the current world climate, people are spending more time than before at home. With working from home availability becoming more common in the corporate world, we are seeing people prioritise curating a comfortable and welcoming home. This, coupled with the increase in popularity for house plants and neutral toned decor confirms the movement away from simple minimalism and into nourishing, comfortable interiors. Working from home means more time in the house as a whole, so it is equally important to define the spaces in your home. This can be done through colours, style and even scent.

    It is known that humans relax around and within nature, and with the rise of moss greens, natural materials, and neutral tones, this has become clear in how we are building and creating our homes. Popular in mountainous, rugged environments, bagged schist cladding gives an organic texture, while wooden cladding lends itself to the suburbs and urban cities. Available in a wide range of various washes, wooden cladding meets the natural look and the modern style in the middle.

    Outdoor living is also evolving, with the movement of bringing outdoor areas inside, or partially covered. We expect to see a trend of bringing nature indoors, and not just in the form of indoor plants. Large skylights have already begun to grow in popularity as they let in a unique perspective of natural light all year round, filling spaces that may otherwise have appeared darker. We predict observatory style rooms may be on the horizon, or perhaps with a mixture of modern homes in the form of large scale windows to truly bring that living-amongst-nature feel to your home.

    Colours are constantly changing in terms of trends, and are largely up to personal preference particularly for larger scale design choices. The comfort in landscape palettes such as earthy terra-cotta, soothing blues and greens and lighter, warm tones is being noticed throughout build interior styling as they again bring a sense of relaxation to the home. Where bright whites and stark blacks are featured, they are offset with a more natural tone such as rough, organic looking copper, oxidized metals, natural greens such as moss and pine, or some types of wood. It seems no matter the aesthetic preference, we are craving the comfort of nature.

    We predict outdoor landscaping will continue to move away from perfectly pruned, and into the rugged, half-styled way of easy care gardens. In 2022, we are a busy society who often no longer have the time (or for some the desire) to spend hours in the garden. The aesthetic styling of landscapes around the home are adapting to this, with large rock features and easily maintained plants such as New Zealand native flax making a return. Outdoor dining areas continue to be an important feature of the home, with more kiwis looking to prioritise the ability to eat al fresco all year round.

    Whatever the trend, your home is a place for you to relax, enjoy and live. We encourage you to explore the build styles and colours that suit you and your lifestyle, and we look forward to bringing that vision to life with you. If you are feeling inspired and want to have a chat about how we can help you experience the new this year, get in touch with your local franchise today.



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