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Dulux 2024 Colour Forecast

  • Looking to add a little colour to your home? This year we’ve found that plenty of our clients are ditching the white walls in exchange for warm, rich tones that elevate their spaces. Especially coming into the cooler months when your home becomes a cosy retreat from the winter weather, opting for a bit of extra colour really makes a difference. Dulux has just released their 2024 colour forecast, and it’s no surprise that they’ve picked three key colour palettes that radiate positivity and warmth titled: Solstice, Journey, and Muse. 

    Let’s take a dive into their latest trend forecast!

    Dulux Solstice:


    Terracotta wall paint

    This palette takes muted and warm clay tones and expands upon them beautifully. Inspired by the notoriously pared-back Scandinavian style and added Mediterranean influences, Solstice uses light, warm neutrals as a foundation and adds a few cooler, deeper shades as accents. These colours are perfect for those who love their wooden furniture, earthy-toned decor, or for those who have spaces that are feeling a little bit stark at the moment. If you’re looking for a more relaxing and inviting space, this palette may just be the one for you!


    Dulux Journey:


    Green wall paint

    If you’re into more of an eclectic and maximalist feel, Dulux’s Journey palette really hits the brief. While still staying consistent with Solstice’s muted tones, Journey’s rich mid-tone colours create an air of luxury, inspired by different cultures across the globe. We think this palette is complimented best by textured furnishings, wicker pieces and soft lighting, which can be used to contrast a beautiful mid-tone feature wall. This is where the more traditional decor has its time to shine, and would be perfect for a second lounge or primary bedroom to bring a little more moodiness into the space.


    Dulux Muse:


    Blue wall paint

    With the recent mid-century modern revival in the design space, it’s no surprise that Muse is filled with darker 70’s inspired colours. Intended to strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and modern design, classic browns and reds of the 70s are complemented by an array of cool-toned blues and greens. This palette is best for letting your vintage pieces shine and works wonderfully in new builds to add some extra character and personality. These colours would work perfectly in an eclectic guest bathroom, or for a couple of kitchen accents, we’re thinking backsplashes or cupboards!



    This year’s trend forecast from Dulux is one of our favourites. It's clear that warm, muted tones will be the ‘it’ colours of 2024, with darker accent colours giving spaces a moodier vibe. If you’re looking for some more design inspo, and to see these colours styled in some beautiful spaces, take a look at some of our feature homes or our inspiration gallery!

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