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Home Colour Trends of 2023

  • Thinking about livening up those white walls with a bit of colour? In 2023, we’re definitely seeing more requests for colour from our clients.  But striking the balance with colours that will add interest but maintain calm in your space is key. Let's explore the top home colour trends we’ve seen coming through this year that will elevate your living spaces.



    Blush, a delicate and muted shade of pink, is making waves in the world of interior design. This soft and serene hue effortlessly infuses a sense of tranquillity and warmth into any room. Blush serves as an excellent neutral base colour that complements a wide range of styles and pairs beautifully with both light and dark accents. Whether you incorporate blush through walls, tiles, or accessories, this trending colour will create a soothing and sophisticated ambience throughout your home.



    Teal, a bold and captivating shade between blue and green, brings a touch of sophistication and energy to any living space. In 2023, this vibrant hue is stealing the spotlight in interior design trends. Teal can be used as an accent colour to create a statement piece, or it can take centre stage as a wall colour or furniture upholstery. Paired with neutral tones or complementary shades like gold or coral, teal can transform your home into a lively haven.



    While white remains a popular choice, we have been seeing more of our clients embracing the elegance of black in their homes. In 2023, this bold and versatile hue is being embraced in new ways - this image demonstrates where black was used as a ceiling colour, making a dramatic design feature. Black adds depth, sophistication, and a touch of mystery to any space. Pair it with metallic accents or pops of vibrant colour for a striking and contemporary look.


    Olive, a rich and earthy green, is emerging as a prominent colour trend in 2023. This versatile shade effortlessly connects your living spaces with nature, creating a soothing and tranquil environment. Olive can be used as a main wall colour or as an accent through furniture, textiles, or accessories. Pair it with warm neutrals like beige or cream, or introduce natural materials such as wood or rattan to enhance its organic beauty. The combination of olive and other earthy tones will bring a sense of grounding and harmony to your home.


    There you have it! Some of the top home colour trends for 2023. Remember, when incorporating these colours into your home, consider your existing décor, lighting conditions, and personal preferences. With a thoughtful approach and a touch of creativity, you can make these 2023 colour trends work to breathe new life into your living spaces.

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