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  • When beginning the journey to building your new home, it can feel as though you are entering a new world of jargon and terminology. Learning the correct terminology that defines each house style and their structure will help you understand which of these are best suited to you, and give you a better chance of foreseeing any design issues and learn the benefits of certain home types.

    You can categorise a home into two main parameters, house style and house structure. Style refers to the architectural design features and home style, while structure refers to the type of build, e.g. an apartment in a medium density development, or a free standing house.

    We’ve put together a beginners guide to the most popular house structures in New Zealand and an overview of our plan styles, to inspire you, narrow down your preferences and provide a starting point on your journey to creating your new, unique home.

    Structure - Medium Density Building 

    Medium Density Homes are an increasingly popular choice for first home buyers, young professionals and young families, particularly those living in higher populated areas and cityscapes. Higher density living also aligns with residents who are retirees or empty nesters, who want to make a shift from larger family homes to smaller, more modern, dwellings. We believe higher density does not have to mean a sacrifice in design and architectural style. Our recent sub-development Abercrombie Mews, in Howick, Auckland is a great example of luxury home design in a medium density structure, allowing for space and peaceful enjoyment of a space that feels separate while still within a boutique community of homes. 

    Structure - Stand Alone Home

    The key feature of a stand alone home is that it’s completely detached from other housing units, apartments or townhouses. Stand alone homes are arguably the most popular style of home in New Zealand, with most families choosing to build a fully separate house to enjoy space and privacy where possible. Stand alone homes provide full freedom for deciding how you want your home to look and feel. Typically built on a larger piece of land, family homes provide greater opportunity for outdoor landscaping, and far more choice in regard to which style of home you decide to build in. 

    House Styles

    Style -  Pavilion

    Typically built to include two or more connected wings, the Pavilion style of home is ideal where a desire for privacy and space is enhanced by separated living environments.

    Pavilion homes are a much favoured design option, offering an intimate connection to the landscape. Casual, contemporary, classy and perfectly suited to modern living and easy entertaining, our range of Pavilion home plans offers extensive and impressive lifestyle options. Find our full plan range of Pavilion style homes here.


    Style - Contemporary

    Designed to suit the modern urban environment, our Contemporary house plans incorporate clean design lines, innovative building materials and a fresh approach to easy living in a progressive world. Our take on modern home plans has expanded to include a range of globally influenced styles ideally suited to the new urban landscape and for those who favour an up-to-the minute backdrop to good living. Find our full range of Contemporary style homes here.


    Style - Discovery

    Designed with a striking visual aesthetic and modern lifestyles in mind, the Discovery series features the use of natural materials and spacious open-plan living areas that are ideal for socialising and entertaining. The footprint of these homes has been carefully designed for a variety of section sizes in modern subdivisions and to work equally as your urban family home or as a relaxing retreat in your dream holiday location. Find our full range of Discovery style homes here.


    Style - Lifestyle

    Generously proportioned, perfectly presented. The style of a Lifestyle house plan suits those who require a living environment that offers a high degree of functionality.

    A home designed that looks good and can readily adapt to any setting. The Lifestyle range of homes are enduring, tasteful, refined and quietly understated. Our Lifestyle house plans are perfect for beach, bach, country garden, rural estate or urban environments. Offering contemporary design and build excellence in a diverse range of styles and finishes.


    Style - Fusion

    Encapsulating easy living in simple and functional floor plans, the Fusion series maximise value without compromising on style. The series brings together all the elements of a modern exterior and combines it with clever internal spaces for a truly flexible home.

    Style - Prime

    Ideally suited to environments where space is at a premium, the compact and clever design options in the Prime range offer the perfect home without compromising on detail or design. Accessible, functional, versatile and comfortable, the Prime range is suited to sites that demand a solution that combines aesthetic appeal and all the conveniences of a modern home on a reduced footprint.


    Style - Heritage

    Timeless design is always in fashion. The Heritage range has been tailored for those who appreciate the fine traditions, features and finish of classic architectural style. Our Heritage homes epitomise strength, permanence and durability. Natural timber and stone finishes combine with strong design features and generous dimensions, to create the perfect home for those who value timeless elegance, traditional ambience and a lasting legacy.


    When building your new home with David Reid Homes, we dedicate ourselves to helping you experience the excitement of new. Our plan range provides inspiration for your new home build journey, and is designed to be enhanced by further custom designing the space to suit you and your lifestyle. Find further inspiration by checking out our Feature Homes and Showhomes, or get in touch with your local team to discuss how they can help you begin creating your new dream home. 


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