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Wiser Smart Home | The future of New Zealand Homes

  • As technology continues to advance, it has become more integrated into our daily lives, and our homes are no exception. At David Reid Homes, we like to be ahead of the curve so we source innovative products from leading suppliers. One of these products is the Wiser Smart Home System by PDL by Schneider Electric. Wiser Smart Home is a prime example of the latest smart home technology that can make your life easier and more convenient. It's a product that can control various aspects of your home with just a few clicks on the app, including your TV, lighting, security and more.


    We have installed the Wiser Smart Home System in several of our properties and the feedback from clients has been wonderful. Whether you're looking to live with ease or improve your home security, the system delivers on every level.

    It’s the little moments that can be improved by the addition of a smart home system. With the simple addition of a PDL Wiser IR converter, enjoy the convenience of having smartphone control of televisions, highwall A/C and home audio systems. Create a “Movie Time” moment that automatically dims the lights, closes your motorized blinds, and fires up the TV, plus you can select your favourite streaming service all by one tap in the Wiser by SE app. Alternatively, you can easily create a “Dining” moment that dims the lights in the living room, turns on the dining room lights to the perfect level, and turns the TV off for that uninterrupted family dinner.  Moments can also be controlled with your Alexa or Google smart speaker… “Alexa, turn on Movie Time” for a completely hands-free experience.

    Wiser Smart Home can also control the lighting in your home. It can dim the living room lights, or turn on the outdoor lights as it starts getting dark. This is especially helpful when you want to set the mood for a movie night or create a cosy ambience for a dinner party. Wiser Smart Home can turn on your kitchen lights when you typically cook, or switch lights on and off at scheduled times of the day when you’re on holiday (to give the appearance of someone being home). All of this can be controlled remotely, from any location.

    This is just the start of what we can achieve with the Wiser Smart Home system. The add-on options are endless. Door opening sensors, moisture sensors, heating. We’re excited to be joining the smart home revolution in New Zealand. 


    "The great thing about Wiser is you can experience the convenience of a smart home without needing any technical skills. The Wiser Smart Home System is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone. Its clean and intuitive app interface allows you to easily customise your settings and enjoy the benefits of smart home technology hassle-free" says Lyndsay McCarthy, National Builders Manager, Schneider Electric


    Interested in talking to us further about building with Wiser Smart Home? Contact us today or visit one of our show homes



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